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How does the CEX.IO Affiliate Program work?

CEX.IO rewards you for bringing new customers to our platform.

You can share your personal referral link by simply copying it. You can also use the landing page you want to direct users to, and place banners on your website or blog. Once someone registers on CEX.IO using your referral link, and makes a trade, you’ll get 30% of their commissions. This reward will automatically be added to your USD balance in 30 days; the reward amount will be calculated in USD equivalent at the moment the qualifying transaction is completed.

You can use your reward to trade cryptocurrencies, withdraw it directly to your payment card (Visa or Mastercard), or withdraw it via bank transfer.

How can I sign up for the CEX.IO Affiliate Program?

To participate in our Affiliate Program, you just need to be a verified CEX.IO customer. Once you open an account, you can generate and share your personal referral link.

How can I qualify for this program?

All CEX.IO customers, bloggers, influencers, publishers, and content creators with a qualifying website or mobile app can participate in the CEX.IO Affiliate Program.

What does it cost to participate?

Participation in our Affiliate Program is free for everyone.

Should I pass Identity verification to participate in the Affiliate Program?

You can generate your personal referral link once you open an account. However, to start earning, in order to manage and withdraw your funds, you need at least Identity level verification.

How can I earn with this program?

You’ll earn from qualifying trades and purchases made by customers you refer to CEX.IO. The more your referrals trade on CEX.IO, the more income you receive.

What are qualifying trades for affiliate rewards?

Qualifying trades are buying and selling operations performed by referrals with our Instant Buy service and Spot trading (market and limit orders) either via the CEX.IO website or mobile app. 

When will I get paid?

Your referral reward will automatically be added to your CEX.IO balance 30 days after a customer you referred completes a trade.

Where can I view my affiliate earnings?

You can track the activity of your referrals, and the number of your earnings in the Statistics tab. You can find your payout history on the Finance page under Transactions.

How can I withdraw my earnings?

You can withdraw your earnings to your debit/credit card linked to your CEX.IO account, withdraw funds using a bank transfer, or send funds to your Skrill wallet. Check out the details on our Limits and Commissions page.

How many people can I share my referral link with?

There’s no limit to the number of people you can refer, although CEX.IO reserves the right to alter or change the referral program rules at any time.

Where can I find the list of all my referrals?

You can check the number of your referrals and related activity (visits, deposits, trades) in the Statistics tab.

Do you have any creative materials to help me promote CEX.IO?

Sure! You can use our banners and landing pages from the Affiliate page. We’re constantly updating our content and are open to your requests and ideas.

How can I use a landing page to attract referrals?

You can redirect your site visitors to a landing page. Just make sure you’ve copied the link from the Affiliate page on the CEX.IO website.

What marketing methods are not allowed?

Using any of the following methods will result in your being banned from the CEX.IO Affiliate Program:

Creating sub-accounts on CEX.IO and referring yourself;
Using any unsolicited bulk mail, email, or messaging programs (i.e. sending spam) for the purpose of attracting new referral users;
Referring users by means of fraudulent actions or any other unlawful actions;
Bidding on pay-for-placement search engines for branded keywords such as “,” “cex,” “cexio,” or any misspellings or variations thereof.

For more information, please refer to our Affiliate Terms.

Can I run a PPC bid to promote CEX.IO?

Bidding on branded keywords such as “,” “cex,” “cexio,” or any misspellings, or variations thereof on any pay-for-placement search engine is strictly prohibited.

What is the duration of storage for referral cookies?

Cookies are stored for 30 days.

If someone uses your personal referral link and makes a purchase within 30 days, you’ll receive your referral reward.

What deposit and withdrawal methods can my referrals use?

CEX.IO supports payments via debit/credit cards, international (SWIFT), and domestic (SEPA, ACH, Faster Payments) bank transfers, Skrill, and cryptocurrencies. Check out the details on our Limits and Commissions page.

A user I referred to CEX.IO registered without using my link. Can I still get a commission?

Please contact our Support Team and we’ll try to find a solution.

Why is the CEX.IO Affiliate Program better than other crypto affiliate programs?

Many cryptocurrency affiliate programs only work with businesses because they can bring more new visitors than an individual customer.

The CEX.IO Affiliate Program is designed to satisfy the needs of both individual and institutional traders. We’re working hard to create the best crypto referral program for everyone. Here are some of the advantages of our program:

Customers can join the CEX.IO Affiliate Program for free at any time.
Affiliates have access to a wide selection of promo materials including banners and landing pages.
Referral rewards can be instantly converted into any supported cryptocurrency or withdrawn to a payment card or bank account.

How can I get more crypto referrals?

Affiliates can use our banners on their websites, mobile applications, and blogs. Also, they can post our landing pages that are interesting for their audience. For instance, some of the landing pages are tutorials on how to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

Another tip is to create YouTube video reviews with your referral link in the description. More tips you can find in our Affiliate Program Guide.


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