Top Controversial NFT Collections


Why do NFTs exist?

With NFTs rising as the next big thing, especially for the crypto world, we start to see even more ridiculous and out-of-this-world ideas and collections showing up.


The NFT was meant to create a secure and flexible market that could solve the ownership issues faced by many artists around the world. Although it is only one of the many utilities offered by NFTs. It also sought to reward the original artist by giving them a cut of each re-sold NFT, thus even when the art is sold for millions, the original artist would still receive a cut of that, which helps the artist as the values of their NFTs increase. This can be for art, sounds, and even videos (to name a few).

Furthermore, some NFT collections have been created to generate passive incomes, which is a good utility for anyone!

Where do we draw the line with NFTs?

With all the above-mentioned advantages of NFTs, we can obviously name some less preferred pathways that NFTs open the world up to.

One such is the recently launched NFT collection “10K ways to say Fuck you“, which is just a collection of cartoon characters flipping the seller off with the text depicting the words “F*#% You”.

Another example is the art collection which seems unappealing and like it should not exist is the Crypto Dick Butts

Both collections seem completely void of utility and one even seeming profane, it raises the question of where do we draw the line with NFTs?

will there be a top trading NFT collection featuring vulgar or pornographic images?

Should crypto be an open platform for these types of collections?


What are the top controversial NFT collections?

  1. 10K ways to say Fuck you
  2. Crypto Dick Butts
  3. dot grid
  4. Dead Army Skeleton Club
  5. Crypto Prisoners


While there is little said about the limitations of the crypto world and NFTs for now, it is clear that (for now), you can make money off anything if it is appealing enough to the crowd.

From crypto day trading to NFT collections, the crypto world still seems to be making millionaires and will most likely continue to do so!