How and where to buy Shiba INU Token and Akkita Inu Token

How and where to buy SHIBA INU Token & AKITA Coin?

You can buy Shiba / Akita coin here:


Here’s an easy guide!

Currently, you can only transfer funds to or Hotbit from other blockchain wallets, so below we have a step-by-step guide using Binance as the main method for currency deposits, as well as the exchange.

How to buy SHIBA INU Token / Akkita using Binance


Create a Binance account

If you don’t already have a Binance account you can create one by clicking here.

Once you have a Binance account, you can use the Deposit method for Credit/Debit card by clicking on the top-left option “Buy Crypto”.


Currencies and coins to select


on “Spend” you want to select your local currency, or the currency you want to buy the coins with, so if you’re from the US, buying using USD is the option for you, should your country’s code not be available, selecting USD as will work just fine, but you’ll obviously have to do a conversion on your own to know more or less what the transaction will cost you.



for “Coin”, we want to use the coin we will be transferring the funds into and using on the blockchain. So USDT is what is known as a stable coin, comparing to the USD and its growth, so they’ll always be similar, but probably never 100% accurate, still a better coin to use.


Card Details

Fill in the card details where applicable, starting with the card number, expiration date, and the CVV number on the back of the card.

Naturally the “Name on card” will be used as the account you signed up for, so it will be greyed out.


Address Details

And lastly, fill in your address, this is for reference, however, required to continue.

Now you Bought your USDT! Congratulations!

Next to transfer that…


If you plan on buying SHIB / AKITA using Binance, you can skip the “Transfer” part of the tutorial.



Wallet Transfers between Exchanges

For the transfer, we will be initiating a withdrawal from Binance to the wallet where we want to send it to.

So to start off go to your “Spot” wallet by selecting “Fiat and Sport” from the wallet menu in the top right. (The app, just click wallet at the bottom right, and follow the steps from there)


Address For Request

If a withdraw address is not already set up, you will need to add it under your address book, should you have whitelisting turned off (Not recommended), you should be able to just paste the address and send it. But, for the guide, we will be going over adding an address and withdrawing to it.

So click on “Address Book Managemnt”



Getting the correct Details

  1. Select USDT as the coin first
  2. Make sure to select BEP20 as the type
  3. Under the label, give a defining name, or whatever you’d like to call it
  4. Paste in the / Hotbit address  (follow below steps to get the address code)


Gate / Hotbit Deposit

Assuming you already have a / Hotbit account, you can click on the “Deposit” option under the “Wallet” menu item.

If you don’t already have an account, click on the exchanges below to create accounts:


USDT Address

  1. The Default load is currently USDT, but if it is not, make sure to select USDT!
  2. Make Sure to select the BEP20 account!
  3. Click on “Copy”
  4. Now paste the address where applicable.


Completing Withdrawal

Now click on “Max” and there should be a verification process with either email, phone, google Authenticator all 3, depending on how your account is set up.

PS. There is naturally a bit of a delay between the transfer, so be patient with it. If you selected BEP20, then it should reflect in time.

Buying SHIB / AKKITA on Hotbit / Gate / Binance



Once the funds reflect on / Hotbit / Binance, go to Trade and select “Standard” or “Basic” or “Classic”, depending on which exchange you’re on.

This point is where we just want to focus on trading to SHIB.


Find SHIB / Akkita on exchange

In the “Search” you can search using the USDT binary pair.

So make sure to type the coin you want and select the USDT pair.


Buy SHIB Coin

Now on the Buy options, you can just select “100%” and click “Buy”, it should go through fast.

If not, try and adjust the buy amount to more or less 1 or 2 points up or down.

For example, if SHIB is on 0.000065426 the on Price type is 0.000065424 if it’s showing it’s going down, or 0.000025428 if you see it’s going up.

Congratulations! You have bought your SHIB! Now HOLD! With SHIBA swop, this coin is set to grow! We predict far past the $1 point!


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